DICE Subgroups

To learn more about any of our subgroups, please email dice@lawrenceschoolbrookline.org
DICE Community Conversations

Conversations on Color seeks to create safe spaces for conversations on issues of race in the Lawrence Community. Families and staff, as well as students, will have the opportunity to engage in parallel speaker series, designed to promote open and honest discussions on issues of race. Through collaboration with other Lawrence and Brookline Public Schools efforts, we hope to engage the Lawrence Community on topics of race, their impact and how we all can help in the promotion of equity.


The Governance/infrastructure subgroup considers administrative topics including decision-making, group structure, communication, website, interaction with PTO/School Council, fundraising, etc.


The identity subgroup recognizes all individuals by acknowledging our differences through celebration and education. In 2018-19, we will collaborate with existing groups and on existing events (e.g. Lawrence Latino Cultural Group/National Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, International Night, Pride Week) to increase community participation and thus maximize opportunities for celebration/education. We will also identify new opportunities for celebration/education to increase representation of the Lawrence community.


The DICE@Lawrence Literacy Group supports inclusion, representation, and community-building efforts through reading and discussion. Goals and responsibilities include facilitating school-wide book groups (“Lawrence Reads”), supporting and promoting appropriate materials for the school library, and engaging with district partners to promote diverse literature in learning.

Mental Well-being

The Mental Well-Being subgroup is currently gathering information to better understand historical, present, and potential resources that positively affect and support the mental well-being of the Lawrence community, including students, families, teachers, staff, and administration. The group hopes to synergize with existing Lawrence and in-District programs [e.g. UOD&S (“Understanding Our Differences & Similarities”), B-PEN, B-CASA, Wellness Committee, anti-bullying programs] to provide support for the Lawrence community in various forms, potentially including speakers, professional development, and/or pilot programs [e.g. mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), yoga].