About DICE

The Diversity, Inclusion, Community, & Equity group at Amos Lawrence School (DICE@Lawrence) was founded in 2018 to support faculty, administrators, parents, and students in their efforts to create a more equitable, informed, and anti-racist/anti-biased K-8 learning community.

Through partnerships and collaborations at the school and district levels, DICE@Lawrence:

  • Unites Lawrence School’s alliances, support groups, cultural organizations, and equity resources to promote collaboration and synergy across grades;
  • Partners with classroom teachers and specialists to incorporate new curricula and integrate community initiatives that reflect and respect the diversity and needs of our student body;
  • Engages all stakeholders (parents, teachers, administrators, and students) in open and respectful discussion about priorities, concerns, successes, and failures;
  • Facilitates connection across social, racial, cultural, and economic divides via community-wide activities, meet-ups, lifelong learning efforts, and family partnerships/mentorships;
  • Financially supports anti-bias and anti-racism education for all Lawrence School stakeholders by fundraising, grant writing, and collaborating with the PTO.


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